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Disclaimer:  This is an unauthorized drabble by Haylo based on El Goonish Shive or "EGS". EGS, including its characters, settings, situations, etc. are © Dan Shive. I agree that in the unlikely event that I come up with any novel elements in these stories, which are based on his characters, those novel elements shall be considered his property and he is free to use any and all such elements with or without attribution.

Tedd's distraction bomb worked as if he'd learned from a professional distracter. Smoke, noise, sparks, stench - no one could ignore it. Before the air cleared the three had gone to ground almost a mile away in the darkness.

"All right," Tedd told them, "We got away clean. The bomb also sent a distress signal, so we just have to sit tight for two hours. When the time's up we return to the exact point where we set it off and someone on our side will be there."

He shivered in the cold night air.

"To bad you don't have a really warm coat with you," Elliot commented just a little too casually, "What ever are we going to do" (he winked at Grace) "to keep Tedd warm?"

Tedd couldn't stop blushing as Elliot and Grace exchanged quips about "Close thermal contact" and "complete coverage", shifting to Squirrel-girl and Half-cat forms and wiggling in close against either side of him.

Just past the darkest point of the night, a van pulled up next to the scorched mark on the ground, and an older, very high-ranking agent got out. Three shadows appeared to meet him. The agent signaled them into the van and shot a quick, suspicious look at the human, squirrel, and feline.

"You three can stop grinning like that!" he said.

"We'd like to, but we can't!"


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